Why Learn
Mindful Self-Compassion?

If you often beat yourself up or put yourself down... If you rarely feel good enough... If you are suffering from anxiety... If you are plagued with bouts of depression... If you feel hopeless... If you feel ‘less than’ no matter how much you achieve... If you suffer from a chronic health condition... If the voice inside your head is mean, critical and unrelenting... Mindful Self-Compassion can help.
Mindful Self-Compassion can help you relate to yourself and your body in a new way. MSC gently guides you to cultivate a kind and compassionate relationship with yourself.

Making Friends with Yourself

Self-compassion helps you to befriend your whole self, embrace your human imperfections and motivate yourself with kindness. It provides inner strength and emotional resilience to support you through challenging times and difficult emotions.

Self-compassion is not selfish!

Compassion is the desire to alleviate suffering. Self-compassion is the desire to alleviate personal suffering. Self-compassion is not self-pity, selfish or self-indulgent. It is an evidence-based approach to meet personal struggles with the same patience and kindness you would offer a friend.

MSC Trainings

We offer MSC Trainings for individuals and organisations.

MSC Session walk through with
Dr. Christopher Germer

Find out more about what is covered in each session of the
official 8-session MSC training with a walk through by MSC founders
Dr. Christopher Germer, with Dr. Kristin Neff.
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