Kathryn is a dedicated Certified Mindful Self-Compassion Senior teacher. She first experienced MSC in 2015 after a long and deep search for self-acceptance and peace with her ability-challenged body. MSC was the key she had been looking for. Since that day, every challenge, every moment of pain, every sadness has been an opportunity to practice self-compassion and come home to kindness.

Kathryn is the Co-Founder of Kind Mind Academy and an award-winning emotional health and wellbeing specialist. Since 2007 she has combined meditation, mindful awareness, therapeutic practices and positive psychology to create personal and professional development programmes in the UK, USA & Australia.

She is a bestselling author and international speaker, sharing accessible ways to be kind to yourself no matter what your perceived ‘difference’.  

The Little Book of Self-Compassion is a lovingly crafted introduction to self-compassion for adults and young people.

The Voices in my Head is a charming and superbly illustrated book to help primary-aged children discover their compassionate voice.

Every Teacher MattersInspiring Wellbeing through Mindfulness provides practical ways to develop self-care and increased mental health for educators under ever-increasing and prolonged pressure.

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Kathryn is also the co-author of The Positive Edge Journal, sharing mindfulness skills to support mental health in a 52 week positive psychology journal.

Kathryn is an experienced Senior Journey™ Therapist, having trained with and supported, Brandon Bays, internationally acclaimed mind/body healing expert for over 15 years. Compassion Consciousness Coaching combines these therapeutic methods with self-compassion skills to provide a unique, confidential 121 programme for all those ready to let go of their deep-seated suffering.

Kathryn volunteers for the Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion (CMSC) giving weekly meditation for the Global Circles of Practice and writes articles for the CMSC. She provides a free Compassion Hour every Friday morning (8am UK time) to support those struggling with isolation and overwhelm during COVID and offers an extensive Graduate Programme to help sustain and nourish their practice. Kathryn also offers a weekly online self-compassion conversation on Face Book Live called MSC Bitesize. Each week she explores a relevant topic where MSC can support every-day living, especially helping us face the challenges of 21st century life.

Her mission is to inspire a kind way of living with oneself, with compassion, acceptance and tenderness for all people, across the globe.

Kathryn is a Senior Certified Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher and has taught MSC courses, workshops and retreats in the UK, Ireland, Australia and online. She is an active member of the Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion and MSC UK.

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Liz Walker is an enthusiastic Mindful Self-Compassion qualified teacher. She spent the first three years of her MSC experience gently deepening her personal practice whilst supporting Kathryn and their participants. Witnessing the dramatic change in her own inner landscape and the profound life-changes in the participants, Liz took up the baton to teach in 2018!

Liz is the Co-founder of Kind Mind Academy, the skillful ‘behind the scenes’ Operations Manager and queen of all things technical. She has created a unique members platform for all Kind Mind Graduates providing all the resources for Kind Minders to continue their self-compassion adventure. Liz has also curated the new KMA website, making it easier to access all the free resources for newcomers to begin their self-compassion voyage with ease.

Liz is the director of Kind Mind Publishing, having published both The Little Book of Self-Compassion and The Voices in my Head storybook and colouring book.(Liz loves her colouring books!) She is now underway with her next ambitious project. Watch this space!

Liz is the creator of The Kindness Band™. A silicon bracelet that shares the message of self-kindness and serves as an anchor for all graduates of MSC. She has created a beautiful gift-set that invites you to “wear one and share one”. Liz hopes these bands will serve as a reminder that kindness and compassion is the key to circumnavigating the ups and downs of life. Her dream is that these bands will be available for all people in all sectors of the community to support them on their adventure called life!

Lovely Lizzie (as she is known by her Kind Mind Academy Community) is a grounded teacher, fun-loving and exquisitely patient both with herself and her participants. Prior to being introduced to the concepts of MSC in 2015 she had a very strong inner critic which would stop her from sharing her insights. Having supported educators for over 15 years in the well-being arena, Liz is now perfectly equipped to support all those embarking on a self-compassion programme, whether they are from the education, healthcare or the corporate sector, Liz has the experience, aptitude and understanding to guide her trainees with acuity and wisdom.

Having previously served as a hotel manager, Liz has a natural gift of providing amazing, memorable experiences for her participants, where comfort and joy are the key ingredients. She is exceptional at creating, organising and running inspirational events, in-person and online. She loves learning, laughing and having fun with all those she supports.

Liz supports Kathryn behind the scenes when giving weekly meditation for the Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion Global Circles of Practice. She co-leads a free Compassion Hour every Friday morning (8am UK time) to support those struggling with isolation and overwhelm during COVID and offers an extensive Graduate Programme to help sustain and nourish their practice. Liz supports Kathryn each week during MSC Bitesize. She ensures that all links and questions are answered and followed up during the online Face Book Live. Liz ensures all online provision runs smoothly and gracefully.
Liz is an astute and insightful teacher. She loves holding a kind, light-hearted and nurturing embrace for all participants.

Her mission is to inspire mindful self-compassion in every-day life.

Liz is a Trained Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher and has taught MSC courses and workshops in the UK, Australia and online. She is an active member of the Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion and MSC UK.


As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Julia Sweetman has been running her own practice and teaching about nutrition, health and wellness for the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (IINH) since 2008. Prior to this, she had a successful career as a Senior Manager for a large Health and Beauty Retailer. Her change in career was motivated by a period of ill health that stemmed from burning the candle at every end possible and from a lack of awareness about self-care.

Julia’s journey to health involved learning about the positive benefits of good quality nutrition and of a regular mindfulness practice. These aspects were then enhanced by the addition of the ‘heart centred’ practices of self-compassion, gratitude and loving kindness. Living life in this new way has helped Julia to realise so many wonderful benefits and it has had positive ripples in every aspect of her life. This includes her approach to being a mum of amazing and fun focused primary aged twins.

Julia offers a unique and thoughtful voice to Kind Mind Academy.  She is a truly sensitive teacher that holds a tender and caring space.  It is a privilege to have Julia on the Kind Mind Academy team, bringing her light and heart to our online and in person Intensive trainings and retreats.

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Carole attended the first MSC training that Kathryn and Liz offered in 2016.  Since then she has been a loyal and supportive member of Kind Mind Academy and the Graduate group. 

Carole was a professional speaker and group trainer prior to retirement and is blessed with a vast array of experience to hold a caring embrace for all participants.  After many years of volunteering with us, Carole was awarded the title Self-Compassion Custodian.  Carole ensures the smooth-running of the Graduate Morning Meditation Circle and will guide practices and hold the space if Kathryn or Liz are unable to attend. 

Carole will always be accompanied by her very handsome 4 legged friend Marco.  Meditating Marco is our official Kind Mind Academy Cat and can be found purring on Carole’s chest during morning practice.

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