Compassion Consciousness Coaching

"You are the sky. Everything else is the weather.”    Pema Chodron

Compassion consciousness gently holds all the pain, struggles and challenges you are facing with warmth and kindness. Exploring your pain points in a safe and confidential space, you will be guided to investigate your internal landscape without judgement.

Learning to cultivate a compassion consciousness takes courage and time. Kathryn will tenderly hold your hand and your heart as you embrace a new way of being with yourself, your heartache and the obstacles you are facing.

With commitment to your own precious heart, you will learn to welcome all parts of yourself, even the aspects that you dislike, judge and reject.

There are many reasons why you might choose compassion consciousness coaching. You be feeling stuck. You may be struggling with a specific life issue. You may be finding it difficult to access your compassionate voice or you may not be clear on what you need, but you know you’re out of sorts.

Some like to take a deep dive into their core values or what is driving unhelpful behaviour; some like to deepen their understanding and application of self-compassion. Some like to explore topics specific to their field of work and many simply have the desire to release anything that is blocking them from living a kind and compassionate life.

No matter what your needs, spending time with an experienced heart-centred practitioner like Kathryn, will help open doors to new possibilities.

Sessions are 90 minutes, taken consecutively each week.

Choose from 5, 10 or 20 session programmes.

For more information or to book your private chemistry contact us here.

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Benefits of working 121

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💜  You receive a bespoke programme that targets your personal needs.

💜  You have private time to address whatever issues are arising.

💜  You have a confidential space to explore your internal and external challenges in a safe and supportive way.

💜  You do not have to worry about ‘showing up’ a particular way. You can be honest, open and authentic.

💜  You have the opportunity to be yourself, ask questions and unearth what is stopping you from being kind and compassionate to yourself.

💜  You can speak freely without the fear of being judged. There are no taboos!

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I am finding that informal practices are coming to me when I need them most in daily life, and they are giving me little windows of opportunity to be kind to
myself in the moment, without feeling guilty for doing so.

Tracey Clarkson, Charity Trustee and Student Counsellor

Why invest in 121 support?

💜  You will leave with specific skills to support your personal growth.

💜  You will leave feeling clearer, stronger and happier in your own skin.

💜  You will leave with a personalised set of internal resources that will reinforce your self-confidence and esteem.

💜 Send a signal to your body and heart that you are genuinely committed to living a self-compassionate life

💜  You will have released and let go of old stored pain that was no longer serving you.

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