Why Continue Your
Self-Compassion Adventure?

You don’t expect your mobile phone to continue working without charging it up; so why do you expect your mind, body and heart to keep going without a loving or compassionate recharge? Just like your mobile, you too need recharging.

As a graduate of Mindful Self-Compassion, you will know that self-compassion is dose dependent. Without regular practice you can easily be swept away by the busy-ness of your life and swept up by negative core beliefs and tricky habits of the mind that may have been running you all your life. Continuing your self-compassion can be really tough when you are on your own. There are many potential barriers to sustaining your practice alone.

💜  The number one problem our Kind Mind Grads share is their ability to remember to apply their MSC skills in moments of difficulty.  

The second problem is to find time to practice, to prioritise their practice and to remember to keep up their practice! 

The third problem is to remember they are not alone when things are tough.

Our Graduate programmes serve to give all parts of you nourishment and rejuvenation in an often draining world. When you participate in deepening your self-compassion practice, you are plugging yourself back in to your own self-compassion power source, common humanity and your compassionate community.

MSC Trainings

We offer MSC Trainings for individuals and organisations.
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